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Posted by Burton Kia Car Rental - Monday, 19 Oct 2020

With Brexit negotiations going down to the wire and instances of Coronavirus on the rise the potential for negative impact that this has had on the business and productivity, many individuals and companies have put their replacement and new vehicle ordering on hold until the picture becomes clearer.

One way to overcome the economic uncertainty is to turn to daily rental for short-term mobility solution.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers has reported that the UK new car market has declined 2.5% year-on-year, while registrations were up just 1.3% in September – in stark contrast to other major European markets, which saw sales last month increase by double digits.

The SMMT says that the UK the market is being subdued by the added pressure of political and economic uncertainty, with weak confidence stopping consumers from committing to big ticket purchases, like new cars.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, commented: “Consumer confidence is being undermined by political and economic uncertainty”. During this period of unprecedented uncertainty, quite naturally you do not want to commit to a major purchase or a long-term vehicle contract.

“You could end up with a vehicle that is sat unused, pay an expensive early termination or have an unwanted hefty depreciation charge. However, you may have a pressing need to change obsolete or unreliable vehicles or need a new vehicle for a probationary employee or a new contract.”

There are short term solutions that could provide businesses with the latest vehicles without the need to enter into potentially costly long-term contracts or laying out large amounts of cash.

“There are short term car rental programmes delivering reliable up-to-date vehicles instantly, without a long-term commitment, at prices very close to those of long-term contract hire.”

At Burton Kia Car Rental, we can provide a simple way to access modern, safe, maintenance free, compliant vehicles for when business needs them most and importantly with only a short-term commitment.

Occasional use drivers can have a choice of vehicles that are suitable for any use or requirements

Short term rental vehicles are ideal for meeting a number of circumstances:

  • Replacing unreliable or end of contract vehicles
  • New starters in their probationary periods
  • Short term projects such as a six-month contract
  • Providing specialist vehicles, such as ECO, 4x4
  • Providing occasional drivers with a compliant and safe car which can be cheaper than paying mileage allowances to use their own vehicles.

Rental programmes also offer a number of major benefits including:

  • Short contracts mean low or no termination fees
  • Insurance can be arranged on a vehicle by vehicle basis
  • One-way movements such as to and from airports
  • A simple online booking system
  • Corporate pricing
  • National coverage
  • Dedicated account management
  • Invoices verified to agreed terms
  • For fleet managed clients

Given the political turmoil and economic uncertainty we are all currently facing, daily rental can be the answer until we have a clearer idea of the future.

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